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The Haralson County Sheriff’s Office continually searches for imaginative, well-educated and highly motivated individuals who have a strong sense of public service. This isn't a profession for just anyone. You must be willing to devote your time and energy to the community. The learning process is unending. You will constantly be evaluated by your supervisors, your peers, and even by yourself. Nevertheless, and more importantly, you will constantly be evaluated by the community you protect and serve.

A career in law enforcement is a future in the service of others. It’s a commitment to justice and serving the greater good. It’s a vow to protect those around you and to gain the skills, law enforcement training and expertise to effectively do that. Day in and day out, communities trust law enforcement officers to help maintain the law, fight crime, and protect the ideals of justice that this country was founded upon. While law enforcement jobs can often be stressful and potentially dangerous, they’re also incredibly rewarding because they touch so many lives.

Many people who work in law enforcement are able to leverage their natural skills in communication, empathy, and awareness to protect their communities. That, coupled with training they gain through a criminal justice or other degree program, can prepare them for careers from police officers to detectives, prosecutors, agents, administrators, and beyond.

The hours can be brutal at times. The term “24/7” could have easily been coined for deputies. Even in off-hours, they’re expected to continue to do their jobs. From patrolling the streets to enforcing traffic laws, a deputy’s job is one of the most important in every community: to keep the streets safe and protect citizens from harm.

Someone once characterized law enforcement as, “Hours upon hours of boredom interspersed with occasional minutes of sheer panic!” For every high-speed chase, there is a boring report to write. For every big drug bust during a traffic stop, there are hours, even days, of uneventful boring patrol. For every takedown of a 200 pound offender, there is a barking dog call. For every night you spend searching and then finding a missing child or elderly adult, there are hours of sitting in court on your day off.

Not all jobs let you live and work in service, but the few that do are often the most fulfilling. If you’re considering a career in law enforcement, you’re likely deeply committed to justice and protecting the people and systems that uphold law and order in our society. As you begin to consider your future it could be time to consider a career in law enforcement, how to get there and where it can take you.

Current Employment Opportunities

The Haralson County Sheriff’s Office accepts applications as needed for vacant positions advertised here. Interested applicants may request an application by email.

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